Elena's Story:

Recovering from sexual violence

Elena’s independent sexual violence advisor got in touch with her after she reported to police she had been raped.

On the phone call, the devastating trauma of what had happened led Elena to express suicidal ideation. Her two children were living apart from her and she could see no way forward. 

Her ISVA, Jane, helped Elena to see all the milestones she had already achieved to remove herself from a toxic relationship. She introduced her to coping mechanisms and helped her focus on the positives in her life. After discussing specialist services such as Tyneside Women’s Health and Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, Jane helped Elena to build up the confidence to make the call to the services herself – a significant step in her recovery. 

Jane and Elena talked daily and with her ISVA’s support, her confidence grew. Jane got in touch with the local housing provider and assisted her to make an emergency house move, supporting her to move on from her unhealthy relationship. 

Thanks to Jane’s support, Elena had begun to cope and recover from her horrific experience. She was thinking of the future, a new home for her family and even a new career path as a care worker.

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