“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Subject Access Request Form

Section 1 - Data Subject Details

Information presented in this section will be used to verify your identity. Victims First Northumbria may contact you regarding additional information or ways to verify your identity if required.

Section 2 - Details of the Request

There are two types of requests you can make, either Specific or Detailed.

Specific Subject Access Request (SSAR)
A specific request will provide you with specific individual documents held by Victims First Northumbria or with simple and basic information i.e. a letter confirming you were engaged with the service, a letter detailing the dates your case was active between, an individual referral form, etc.

Detailed Subject Access Request (DSAR)
A detailed request will supply you with every document and piece of information held by Victims First Northumbria and a cover letter stating that the Subject Access Request contains all information held in relation to the Data Subject. If you require a Detailed Subject Assess Request you may leave the Specific Subject Access Request section blank.

If you require any additional documents be created as part of this request (i.e. a letter detailing the dates your case was active between) you will need to notify us of this by filling out the 'SSAR' box. If you do not detail this at the time of the initial request you will need to complete an additional, separate request.

Section 3 - Declaration

The information I have provided within this application is correct, and I confirm that I am the Data Subject mentioned in Section 2. In addition I understand that Victims First Northumbria may need to request further information from me to be able to comply with this request.