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Subject Access Request

If you wish to make a Subject Access Request please read the below guidance and carefully complete this form.

Throughout this form the term Data Subject refers to the person whose personal information is being requested.

You will not need to pay a fee to access your personal information; it will be supplied to you free of charge. There will only be a fee in exceptional circumstances.

This form is not mandatory. Data Subjects may request access via either email or in writing. This form however has been designed to make the process faster and more accessible.

If you are requesting information for an individual other than yourself please contact us on 0800 011 3116 or at enquiries@nvws.northumbria.police.uk

PLEASE NOTE: Northumbria Victims and Witness Service is only able to disclose its own information. Information owned by Northumbria Police or other agencies cannot be disclosed. If you require information from other agencies please contact them directly.

Which sections need completing?

All sections of this form should be completed as accurately as possible; however each field is not mandatory.

The information you provide in Section 1 will be used to verify your identity and you may be contacted using the contact details you have provided or (if applicable) the details already held by us.

In section 2 it is important you are as clear as possible if you are making a Specific Subject Access Request. This is because once a request has been submitted it cannot be amended and a new request will have to be made.

If you have any queries or need help filling out this form please contact Luke Fairbotham, Administration Officer, on 0800 011 3116 or at enquiries@nvws.northumbria.police.uk.


The Process

This explains the Subject Access Request process to give you a better understanding of what happens once your form has been submitted.

Submitting the Request

When you complete this form your request is automatically submitted either via email.

Receipt & Initial Review

Once your request has been received, it and any information we hold that is relevant to your request will be submitted to the Data Controller. The Data Controller will review your request and any associated information.

It is at this stage a confirmation of receipt will be sent, this will be sent via email. If there is no email address present this will be posted. The deadline date will be included in the confirmation so you are aware of the timeframe we have to consider your request.

Approval or Denial

Once the Data Controller has reviewed the request, a decision is reached to either approve or deny the request. A request may be denied if:

  • it is deemed to be vexatious.
  • it repeats a previous request.
  • if there are safeguarding concerns.
  • if the person has no right to another individual’s information.
  • another suitable reason for denial is apparent.

If your request is denied you will be notified however you may not be told the reason(s) why if there are relevant risks involved in disclosing this.

If your request is approved you will be notified and the requested information provided to you in whichever format(s) have been specified. Any emailed documents will be password protected to ensure the confidentiality of your information, the Data Subject will be the only individual (outside of our organisation) to be supplied with the password.

If you are requesting someone else’s information please contact us on 0800 011 3116 or at enquiries@nvws.northumbria.police.uk.

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