“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Support for Sexual Violence

Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA)

What is an ISVA?

An ISVA is a specialist in sexual violence and offers non judgemental, non biased emotional and practical support.

They work with a client to provide client led support and assists them in accessing other specialist support services, with the aim of meeting both their short and long terms needs.

What do they do?

They ensure each individual has specific, tailored support individual to them and their needs. An ISVA can only offer support around sexual violence so they may refer a client to other specialist agencies including mental health agencies and addiction services.

This support can be provided over the phone, by text, email or face to face. It is also available to everyone meaning men, women, LGBTQ+ and non binary people of any age including children can access support.

Included in our ISVA team are a a specialist LGBTQ+ ISVAs and also 2 trained CHISVA’s (Child Independent Sexual Violence Advisor)

An ISVA can:

Provide impartial information for those thinking of reporting a sexual assault or rape.

Give clear and non biased information around the Criminal Justice System from reporting, to attending court and afterwards.

Work closely with partner organisations (Police, courts, CPS) to ensure you always have a voice and that your rights are upheld

Help identify other support services and complete referrals where appropriate

Providing ongoing emotional support (eg. helping to understand the impact of sexual violence and dispelling myths and stereotypes)

Contact with your ISVA

Once a referral has been received you should expect contact within 5 working days. When your ISVA first contacts you they will provide your with their direct contact details. Your ISVA may have their own specific working hours but this will be explained to you in your first contact. Usually however they are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.

If you need to contact your ISVA you can call them directly or contact them here


Although it varies your ISVA will aim to be in contact with you every 4-6weeks. This is an arrangement that can be discussed in more detail and your personal circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Your ISVA cannot offer a crisis service nor is able to contact you daily or weekly. Should you find yourself in crisis the contact details for the crisis teams are listed below for your area.

*“As a client of the ISVA service you can request to see your ISVA’s qualifications at any time, you can also request to view our full ISVA policies and procedures by emailing VictimWitnessSupport@northumbria.police.uk

ISVA support is completely confidential and we will not tell anyone that you are accessing ISVA support unless you ask us to do so.

Find out more about our confidentiality policy HERE