“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

The Victim Road to Recovery

You have been a victim
A person who has experienced being
a victim of crime refers themselves or
someone refers them to our service.

Responding to your needs
The co-ordinator will make sure if you need special measures at court. This may include things such as screens, TV links or removal of wigs and gowns for children to make giving your evidence easier for you. The co-ordinator will discuss referring you for a pre-trial visit so you can be familiar with court beforehand.

VNA: First contact with you
The co-ordinator will make contact by their
preferred means of contact, which may be
phone call, letter, email or meeting face to face
where possible.

Attending Court
On the day of court, the
co-ordinator will make sure
there is someone from the
Witness Service there to
meet you and support you
on the day if you need i

Your needs
The co-ordinator will identify
the victims cope and recovery
needs, which may include
referral to a specialist service.

The Outcome
After court you will be
provided with information
about the outcome and
offered any additional
support you might need.

Specialist services
If the victim agrees, the co-ordinator
will submit a referral to the specialist
service or make a referral to the
volunteer team for emotional support

Restorative Justice
The co-ordinator will discuss
with you what additional
choices and options that may
be available in relation to a
restorative intervention. This
does not have to be face to face.

Your Safety
& Security
If the victim has any safety or
security needs, the co-ordinator
will assess this and arrange for
this to happen when a victim is
in fiancial hardship

Your needs met
The co-ordinator will then
discuss with the victim if they
feel all their needs have been
met, either by ourselves or by a
combination of our support
and other services.

Support at Court
If the case is going to court, the
co-ordinator will get in touch and
provide information about if you
are required to go to court and
when this will be, we will agree a
contact plan with you up until the
date of court.

Victim Satisfaction
If all needs have been met, the
co-ordinator will offer the victim an
opportunity to give feedback. This is used
to inform future service improvements

Your recovery is complete
Once both co-ordinator and victim are satisfid
that their needs are being or have been met the
co-ordinator will discuss case closure with the
victim. This does not mean the victim cannot access
the service again, in fact it means the victim is on
the right track to recovery but will be given their
individual co-ordinators details and can call back
any time to receive any more support or advice!