“Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice”

Support for Children & Young People

Support for Children and Young People

We can provide free, confidential support to anyone requiring it – if you are over 16 you can contact us directly and without any consent from your parents.

We  respect your right not to pass on any information to your parents or teachers or anyone else about what you tell us unless you have agreed for us to do so. If we feel you or someone else are at risk of harm and our telling them this might stop you or them from being placed in more danger or harmed we might have to let you know we need to pass some information on to another service to protect you.

Restorative Justice

Find out how Restorative Justice works and how it can sometimes help you move on following a crime.
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Schools and Colleges

If you would like us to come into your school or college to give a talk or provide information on any area of our support or services please contact us here

Read our Safeguarding Policy here